Exemples of Grant Agreement Contracts in word doc

Extract documents :

The Grantee shall be responsible for the performance of the work as set forth herein below and for the preparation of products and reports as specified in this Agreement.  The Grantee's Project Representative shall promptly notify the State of events or proposed changes that could affect the Work Plan under this Agreement.

Special Provisions

1.      Grantee shall complete all work in accordance with an approved Work Plan which will be included in this Agreement as Exhibit A “Tasklist and Timeline”, Exhibit B “Budget,” and Exhibit C “Monitoring and Assessment Plan.”

2.      If the Project includes acquisition of real property:
a.       As conditions precedent to the State’s obligation to deposit the Grant Amount in escrow, the Grantee shall submit to the State an appraisal for review and approval in writing by the Department of General Services (DGS) of all documents pertaining to the Real Property appraisals and property transaction, and provided copies to the State.  The Grantee shall be required to establish a billing account with the Department of General Services for this purpose.

b.      A Memorandum of Unrecorded Grant Agreement, Exhibit D must be recorded by the Grantee to provide notice of this Agreement between the Grantee and the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy.

3.      If the Project includes development, landscaping and/or planting:

a.       The Grantee shall include a representative of the State on the selection panel for contracted services.

b.      The Grantee shall submit a Project Development Plan, Exhibit E, in accordance with RMC General Policies, Exhibit F, to the State for approval prior to the solicitation of a subcontractor or awarding of a bid for services.