How to write a letter of intent 

How will you write a letter of intent when you wish to study in a university or apply for an internship? Simple. Just remember few key points: the career field you are interested in, state why you want to study/work in (company name), talk about your personal strengths and skills related to the internship field/study program, mention your skills, talents, work and life experience, languages, computer, organizational skills, then conclude with how you think your career and academic goals will be supported by the experience of the internship/study.

Below is a sample letter of intent my brother made and submitted when he applied for a Masters degree at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines.

Admission Officer
(name of company/university)

Dear _____:

The subjects offered by the Master of Arts program in your university have brought in much interest in me, as I have been longing to study on such an interesting course. UST is known to be a highly competent learning and research institution and, over the years, has produced competent and socially responsible professionals and life-long learners. In view of this, it is my greatest pursuit to further my career through the Master of Arts in English program in your university and be part of UST’s roll of successful alumni in the future.

I am __________. Currently, I am employed as a _______________ in one of the companies in Manila. I finished my Bachelor of Arts education at the __________(your previous school) with a degree in English majors in Linguistics on _______(date when you obtained the degree). Utilizing the skills and knowledge I have learned in my BS degree such as everyday communication, change and conflict management, social and organizational learning, awareness-raising and behavioural change, I am confident that I will like the subjects offered in the Masters program.

One of my future goals is to teach in the academe. Getting a Masters degree will get me closer to it.

Further, my resume speaks of possessing capabilities from excellent written and oral communication to having good analytical skills necessary for the intense demands of the MA work.

Furthermore, it is my intention to apply for the aforementioned MA program in your University.

Should there be questions and inquiries, kindly refer to my curriculum vitae or you can send me email through _________(your email). Or you can get in touch with mobile number __________(phone number, include the country code plus the area code, especially when you are applying for studies abroad).

Sincerely yours,

(your name)