authorization letter for travel

3 examples of authorization letter to travel.

Extract :
I, {NON-TRAVELLING PARENT/GUARDIAN FIRST LAST NAME}, make oath and state that I am the {MOTHER/FATHER/GUARDIAN} and shared legal guardian of:

Child – {CHILD’S FIRST LAST NAME}({MALE/FEMALE}), born {CHILD’S BIRTH DATE} in the United States.

1)      {CHILD’S FIRST LAST NAME} has my consent to travel with {TRAVELLING PARENT/GUARDIAN FIRST LAST NAME}, ({MOTHER/FATHER/GUARDIAN} of child) and shared legal guardian of above mentioned minor child.

2)      This consent is valid for travel starting on or about {START DATE OF TRIP} to { TRAVEL DESTINATION} and returning on or about {END DATE OF TRIP}.

3)      I authorize and recommend {TRAVELLING PARENT FIRST LAST NAME}, to make emergency medical decisions on our behalf, in the event that my child requires emergency medical treatment at a time or place from which I may not be reached.

4)      I authorize and recommend {TRAVELLING PARENT FIRST LAST NAME}, to make arrangements and determinations for all modes of travel, including itinerary changes as necessary during this trip.  

5)      In the absence of {TRAVELLING PARENT FIRST LAST NAME}, should any medical, travel or personal welfare incident arise, immediate contact shall be made to me, {NON-TRAVELLING PARENT FIRST LAST NAME}.  If immediate communication is not possible, these decisions are to be made by {THIRD PARTY CONTACT FIRST LAST NAME}, ({THAT PERSONS RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD}) or {ANOTHER THIRD PARTY CONTACT FIRST LAST NAME} ({RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD}) who will be traveling with the above mentioned child in {DESTINATION COUNTRY}.   

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