+4 authorization letter sample to act on behalf

Sample of authorization letter

Download this example of authorization letter sample to act on behalf in doc format.

Extract :
I hereby authorize our organizational personnel, Mr. / Ms. ________________________, IC: _____________________, designation ______________________ to apply for DIGISIGN ™ SERVER ID ENRICH on behalf of ____________________ (Organisation name), in order to enable transaction on our website at __________________________.

Enclosed are the certified copies of the documents you require to complete the registration process and a floppy diskette the Certificate Signing Request file in .txt file format.

I  {Name of the applicant } (Student Id:                             ) hereby authorize {Name of the person authorized} ( whose  signature are attested below)  to act as my representative and collect  following document(s) on my behalf  from  Academic Section, MNIT, Jaipur:

i)                    ___________________
ii)                  ___________________
iii)                ____________________

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