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Certain foreign nationals who are in the United States may file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, to request employment authorization and an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Other foreign nationals whose immigration status authorizes them to work in the United States without restrictions may also use Form I-765 to apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for an EAD that shows such authorization. Review the Who May File Form I-765 section of these Instructions to determine whether you should use Form I-765. Foreign nationals may also apply for a Social Security number and card on Form I-765 following the guidelines in the Specific Instructions section of these Instructions, Part 2. Information About You, Item Numbers 13.a. - 17.b. If you are a lawful permanent resident, a conditional permanent resident, or a nonimmigrant only authorized for employment with a specific employer under 8 CFR 274a.12(b), do not use Form I-765. Definitions Employment Authorization Document (EAD): The EAD is the card (also known as Form I-688A, Form I-688B, Form I-766, or any successor document) issued as evidence that the holder is authorized to work in the United States. Initial EAD: An EAD issued to an eligible applicant for the first time under a specific eligibility category. Renewal EAD: An EAD issued to an eligible applicant after the expiration of a previous EAD issued under the same category. Replacement EAD: An EAD issued to an eligible applicant when the previously issued EAD was lost, stolen, damaged, or contains errors, such as a misspelled name. NOTE: For more information regarding employment authorization documents, visit www.uscis.gov/greencard/employment-authorization-document.

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