adac second-hand car sales contract


Have the car checked by ADAC. Your car will sell better if you can provide an inspection report. Contact your local ADAC office for the nearest inspection centre or ADAC-appointed automotive engineer assessor, or go to www.adac.de.

Ensure that the buyer has full legal capacity, i.e. is over 18.

Check whether the buyer holds the required driving licence if he/she wants to test drive the car.

Complete the Sales Contract forms and the attached sales notifications with the buyer’s full name and address. Compare the data with the buyer’s identity card or passport.

Enter the identity card or passport number and the issuing authority in the Sales Contract. Ensure that the contract includes any information on defects or damage to the car, particularly those due to an accident.

According to German court practice the seller must disclose, unasked, also minor accident damage. In cases of doubt you can seek legal advice from ADAC (see info below). If possible, stipulate that the full purchase price shall be paid in cash on the delivery/collection of the car. Problems may arise where deferred or instalment payment is granted or payment is made by cheque. Hand the car’s Part II Registration Certificate over to the buyer only after receiving full payment of the purchase price.