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I have read the MCC policies and procedures and hereby give permission for my child to participate in the MCC program during the summer of 2017. By execution of this Agreement, I confirm my awareness and acknowledge the risks of injury which may be associated with physical activities that are part of the camp program. My child is voluntarily participating in these activities and I believe he/she is capable of handling both the emotional and physical aspects of the program as well as any risks involved. I hereby agree to waive any claims or rights against Meriden Community Camp, its employees, officers or agents for injuries that might occur as a result of these activities. I have notified MCC staff of physical conditions that may impact his/her ability to engage in these activities, and understand that it is my responsibility to obtain a physicians’ statement describing any limitation to participate in this program. Furthermore, I understand that non-notification of a serious condition may interfere with the staff’s ability to ensure the safety of my child or other campers and is cause for immediate dismissal. Finally, I agree that, should my child’s conduct, at the sole discretion of MCC, be deemed to be in violation of MCC rules or otherwise detrimental to the maintenance of standards or to the successful operation of MCC’s program, MCC in its sole discretion may dismiss him/her from the program.

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