How to make a good cover letter ?

Addressing a Job Application Letter (also known as Cover Letter) The main objective of preparing a job application letter is to get the recipient to read your CV (curriculum vitae). It should be clear, brief and straight to the point. Here the writer is simply telling the employer that he or she is worth having a look at. 

The application letter should be brief, no more than one page in length. It should be easy to read and scan through. It should include only the absolute necessary information. There are two types of job application letters which are: 
1. Solicited Cover Letter: a letter written in response to a job advertisement or a referral. No special attention-getter because you have been invited to apply. 
2. Unsolicited Cover Letter: a letter which you write to inquire about the possibility or a job opening. You need to start by capturing the attention and interest of your employer.

Download this document to know more about cover letter and find examples of template and how to make it.

How to write a cover letter - with examples docs

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