Nursing cover letters new grad

Nurse cover letter new grad examples

Find this sample blank template for Nursing cover letters who looking for new grad. Download, edit and print in docx format.

Etract of this document :

Dear Ms. Murphy,

As an upcoming graduate, I am writing to express my interest in an entry level staff registered nurse position.  I have chosen Cook Children’s Medical Center to apply to due to the nationally known program the facility has achieved by obtaining a MAGNET status.  I would make a great addition to your team by being an advocate to the promise instilled by your company that every child’s life is sacred. 

During my college career, I worked twenty to forty hours a week serving tables at a local restaurant. I learned ways of effective communication, how to be a team player, and the effectiveness of teamwork.  I feel what I have learned through the fast pace of serving tables at a busy restaurant will transition well into a critical care setting, such as the Emergency Department.  Instead of serving drinks and food, I will serve patient-centered care and medicine. 


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