What is general construction

Definition of general construction

General construction is one of the four construction industry sectors established by the Construction Industry Transition Regulation. A sector is a portion of the construction industry defined by the type of construction activity performed. Section 1(c) of that Regulation defines general construction as “construction within the meaning of the Code, excluding Pipeline Construction, Roadbuilding and Heavy Construction, and Specialty Construction.” 

Section 1 of the Code defines construction as: 
…construction, alteration, decoration, restoration or demolition of buildings, structures, roads, sewers, water or gas mains, pipelines, dams, tunnels, bridges, railways, canals or other works, but does not include 

(i) supplying, shipping or otherwise transporting supplies and materials or other products to or delivery at a construction project, or 
(ii) maintenance work. This policy describes the trade or craft work jurisdictions in the general construction sector. All trades listed in Information Bulletin #11 operate in this sector. Each trade is an appropriate bargaining unit in the general construction sector. There are registered employers’ organizations in most trade jurisdictions that engage in registration bargaining. 

This policy outlines: 
• the general construction sector; 
• union versus non-union worksite issues; and • trade jurisdictions. 

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What is general construction