Example of narrative reports

Examples of narrative reports 

Find this example of narrative reports after training at the place of work. this example is in word doc formzt for free download.

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Definition of narrative reportOn-the-job training (OJT) is a training that takes place while trainees are actually working. It is also the training at the place of work while he/she is doing the actual job. It means that skills can be gained while trainees are carrying out the jobs. OJT benefits both trainees and host company. The trainee learns in the real work environment and gain experience dealing with the task and challenges that will meet during a normal working day. The host company benefits by ensuring that the training is specific to the job and also does not have to meet the additional costs of providing off-the-job training or losing work time.


Moreover, OJT focuses on the acquisition of skills within the working environment generally under normal condition. The acquired general skills of the trainees from training can be performed from one task to another while the specific skills can be shown uniquely to a particular job.

Example of narrative reports