Employment contract template for Part time

Download this example of employment contract template south africa for part time in word doc format.

This fixed term contract for part-time employment expires on precised time whereby the employee will cease his/her employment.

Extract : 

Should it be revealed at any time after commencement of employment that the employee failed or neglected to inform the employer of any circumstance or information relating to (but not limited to) the employee’s personal circumstances, state of health, criminal record or credit record, or addictions to drugs  or alcoholic substances,  which may have affected, in any way, the employer’s decision to employ or not to employ the employee, then this Contract shall immediately be rendered null and void and shall be of no force and effect. This  Contract of Employment shall thus be construed as terminated at the instance and fault of the employee, and the employment shall be immediately terminated without payment of notice pay.


Employee Agreement: I  understand, accept and agree to the stipulations of Section 2  above :.......



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