Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate With Waiver | Word

Extra judicial settlement of estate sample

Find this example of template of extra judicial settlement of estate with waiver of rights. To download in word doc format for free.

Extract :

That we, the above named parties, except the Heirs of ENRICA R. SENDON, whose names, juridical capacities and other personal circumstances are above-cited, for and in consideration of our love and concern for the Heirs of ENRICA R. SENDON, their heirs and assigns, and recognize them as the absolute owner thereof;

That the above-described property is a registered land and we, the parties here to agree to record this instrument in the office of the Register of Deeds of the Province of Camarines Sur under the provision of Sec. 113 of PD 1529, otherwise known as the Property Registration Decree of the Philippines;

That the above-described property is not tenanted by any agricultural lessee hence not subject to preemption under Sections 11 and 12 of R.A. 3844, otherwise known as the Land Reform Code of the Philippines, nevertheless to Article 1623 of the Civil Code of the Philippines.