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Employee Weekly compensation for 2weeks700GBPgross, based on a gross, hourlywage of. Employee guaranteed minimum Weekly compensation of 2 weeks700GBPgross.You will agree to maintainaccurate, contemporaneous time cards. Overtime is paid on hours in excess of 2 weeks and is compensated   at 50GBPper hour.  Performance appraisals, with the possibility of salary increases, will be performed annually on or about the employment anniversary date.


You will provide us with evidence that you have satisfactorily completed a First Aid class and CPR class for infants on or before. We will cover the cost of this class; however, it shall be your responsibility to make arrangements for the class during your off-duty hours.


It is our responsibility to provide you with adequate information, guidance an instruction to enable you to complete any task that is requested as part of this agreement. It is you

Responsibility to ask for assistance or guidelines in the performance of any activity that

May be new to you, or in any situation for which you desire additional information

Nanny work agreement template

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