Sample Permission Request Letter

Sample permission request letter for school

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For any student, teacher, or college material (quotes, work, journal entries, names etc.) in your action analysis studies, you'll got to get signed unleash forms. If you're obtaining permission for a student underneath eighteen, you need to get the student’s parent or guardian to sign the shape. we have a tendency to cannot publish any work, quotes or names while not a signed unleash type, even though the name could be a name. The requested info (below in red italics) should be inserted by you before the shape is signed.

Extract :

I have prepared an action research study that may be used for publication in the next five years. My study focuses on the impact of technology in the classroom.   The audience for the study is teachers and teacher educators.  We would appreciate your permission to include the following quotes, journal entries and writing samples by your daughter, Kate Hogan, in any published material that includes this work and in all languages and in all media and excerpts of the material, including use for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes.

sample permission request letter for school
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