car rental agreement

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Extract :

1.    Your contract with us Rent a car manila terms:

o    Upon signing (back of rental agreement that will be presented) you accept the conditions of this rental agreement. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. If there is anything you do not understand or do not agree please ask any member or staff at the place you rented the vehicle form.


2.  Renters responsibilities

a.    Any misuse or unfair usage of the vehicle like: battery discharge, tire burst, vomiting, pet urinating or defecating & alike. Let us know as soon as become aware of a fault.

b.    Usage of fuel, parking, road toll and alike are to be paid by the Renter.

3.  Our insurance and damage protection policy

o    By signing the agreement over the page you are accepting the conditions of our vehicle’s policyRenter agrees to pay the insurance participation (deductible) fee and/or betterment charges.

car rental contract form

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