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1.    PREMISES - LESSOR hereby leases to LESSEE and LESSEE hereby leases from LESSOR approximately twelve (12) square meters more or less of total land area, as is improvement, situated in 19D Malagasang 2E, Imus, Cavite which shall be referred to as the “Premises”.

2.    USE OF THE PREMISES - The Lease is for the purpose of operating a commercial or retail business only which the Lessee is engaged in. The LESSEE, at his own expense may put up improvements upon prior consultation and written approval of the LESSOR within the premises hereby leased for the purpose of storage, retail, wholesale and commercial in nature and not for any purpose whatsoever. It is being expressly agreed that if, at any time during the existence of this lease and without the previous written consent of the LESSOR, the said premises are used for the purposes other than what is stated, the LESSOR has the option of either terminating the lease or collecting increased rental as deemed appropriate from the date of diversion of use of the premises or to compel the LESSEE to stop the unapproved activity.

3.    TERM OF THE LEASE - The term of this Lease Contract is for a period of One (1) year(s), renewable for an unspecified duration at terms mutually agreeable to both parties, commencing on February 13, 2019 and ending at midnight of February 12, 2019, In case of pre-termination by the lessee, for any reason whatsoever, the LESSOR has the right to collect any remaining rentals corresponding to the unexpired portion of the LEASE period, or until such time a new LESSEE comes.

This LEASE shall not be deemed extended or renewed beyond the period time above-mentioned for any cause or reason whatsoever and unless the parties agree in writing to extend or renew or enter into a new Contract to Lease upon such terms and conditions acceptable to them, the possession of the Premises by the LESSEE or any persons claiming rights through the LESSEE, after the expiration of the term thereof, shall be illegal.

Any renewal or extension of this Contract must be expressly agreed upon by the LESSOR and LESSEE in writing and under no circumstances can such renewal or extension be considered as having made impliedly.


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