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Sample Deed of sale form

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I, ___________________________________, of legal age, Filipino and a resident of ________________________________, Philippines, herein referred to as the (VENDOR) is the owner of a motor vehicle more particularly described as follows:

Make/Color :

Series/Body Type :

Motor/Engine No. :

Chassis No. :

Plate No./ MV File :

Registration No. :

That for and in consideration of the sum of _______________________________ Thousand (Php _________.00) Philippine Currency, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,  I  do  hereby    SELL,   TRANSFER,  CEDE   and   CONVEY   TO ________________________________,  of  legal  age,  Filipino citizen and a resident of _________________________________, Philippines,  (VENDEE)  the above described  motor  vehicle,   free  from  all  liens  and  encumbrances.

Sample Deed of sale form

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