Deed of sale of motor vehicle sample

Deed of sale sample

Sample template of a Deed of sale of motor vehicle sample, to download in word form for free. You can edit this document online in google docs, or you can also print it.

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That I, (name of seller) of legal age, married, with postal address and presently residing at (address) am the lawful and registered owner of a certain motor vehicle and more particularly described as follows: MAKE:________ TYPE:________ MOTOR NO: ________ SERIAL/CHASSIS NO.: ________ PLATE NO.: _________ That for and in consideration of the sum of P280,000.00, TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY PESOS ONLY, Philippine currency, in hand paid to me in full satisfaction and acknowledged to have received from the vendee, (name of buyer) of legal age, single/married, with postal address and presently residing at (address of buyer) his/her heirs, assigns, and successors in interest, the above described motor vehicle.

Deed of sale sample word


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