Deed of sale sample motorcycle pdf

This is an example of Deed of sale sample motorcycle for 2nd or 3rd Owner. You can download this document in pdf format. You can only use this file for your personnal uses.

Extract :
That I, ___(2nd owner vendor’s name)____________, of legal age, married/single, with Residence address at _____________________(2nd owner vendor’s complete address)_______, for and in consideration of the amount of Pesos: FOURTY THOUSAND PESOS (P40,000), Philippine Currency, and other valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledge from ___(vendee’s name)__ likewise of legal age, married with residence address at _(vendee’s complete address)_, hereby SELLS, TRANSFERRED AND CONVEYS and by these presents have SOLD, TRANSFERRED AND CONVEYED unto said ___(vendee’s name)___ of the following motorcycle describe as follows:

Deed of sale sample motorcycle pdf

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