handing over letter - with example

Sample handing over letter 

Don't know how to write handing over letter ?

 Whether it's a job offer elsewhere, taking time off, heading for a promotion or a career change, leaving your current job behind. `` It's not always as easy as closing the door. 
 To make sure you don't burn bridges and to help your successor walk in your shoes without falling off, it's important to leave a detailed handover. 
 We've explained how to quit and provided you with plenty of resignation forms - but here's everything you need to know about the transmission and our tips for writing it: 

 What is a handing over letter ? 

 The transfer is a document written by an employee who is about to leave his position (permanent or temporary). It is designed to help anyone who takes on the tasks of their day to understand their duties. 
 Essentially, this is a “manual” for work and organization, written by someone with first-hand experience. 

Who is preparing A handing over letter? 

 Anyone who leaves their job definitively or on leave is generally required to prepare a handover, which will then be given to their replacement and / or to other colleagues. 
 Last name could be: 
 Leaving the company 
 Taking leave 
 Maternity leave 
 Sick leave 

 People leaving the position are also likely to receive support and feedback from other group members with whom they are worked in close collaboration, as well as their manager.


Sample handing over letter :


I would like to hand over the charge of the department to you as per the direction of the
I am handing over the following documents / assets to you with effect from (date):
I. Dept. Level Documents as provided in the list attached
II. Dept. Inventory of Equipment with Stock Register
III. Dept. Accounts (If applicable)
IV. Dept. Keys

I assure that the above is in order. In case you have any queries, kindly clarify immediately.
Kindly acknowledge receipt by signing.

Thank you.

Download this example of handing over letter in pdf format. You can visualise this document in google drive.