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Salary increase letter to employee

A Request Letter For Salary Increment is a letter written by an employee. In this letter, the employee addresses the HR department or employer and highlights their accomplishments, performance and hard work and explains why they are worth the increase. If an employee does not increase their salary for a long time, they can write a letter and request an increase. In addition, after the end of the financial year, when employees' performance is assessed in terms of target performance, hard work and time, the number of well-performing employees is expected to increase and if they do not find one, they Performance can be featured on request. There are different ways to write a pay rise letter, depending on why the employee is asking for an increase. For example, if an employee does not get up for a long time, he will highlight his achievements and performance over a period of time. 

On the other hand, if an employee feels entitled to an increase after the financial year, he or she will focus primarily on meeting his or her target and other accomplishments from the previous year. Regardless of how the letter is written, when writing such a letter, a few things must be added to make the request acceptable.


Example of Request Letter For Salary Increment

Dear Sir,

I have been working with your organization for the last two years as a team leader with dedication at work and I have completed all the assignments with in deadline and my attitude in dealing with colleagues and superiors was excellent. As you are aware that I am receiving low payment and I got my last increment one year ago, I have requested for salary increment a lot of times but there was no response form your side.

 I am requesting you to hike my salary as my present salary is very low to maintain my family expenses. I got an offer from Infosys web technologies and the pay is comparatively higher than what it is now. Please look into this request and resolve my problem as early as possible.

Thank you and hoping for a positive response from you. 

Salary increase letter to employee

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