Sample salary increment letter word format

Salary increment letter request template 

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The Salary Increment Letter requests a letter from a company employee to a concerned person (senior, manager or HR department). Sometimes the kind of work we do in a company should be recognized with the right salary, but we get less than we deserve. Therefore, it is their right to ask the employee the salary he deserves. The pay letter is a formal letter to the head of the department. Typically, department managers play a key role in increasing employee pay. They monitor the performance of the employee to the HR department and request an increase. Therefore, the letter is always communicated to the supervisor first, and if he is not convinced by the letter, the employee may contact the subordinate department directly. Get other types of letter writing, such as formal, informal and different types of letter writing samples. The employee may have many reasons to ask for a raise. Sometimes he has to ask about his personal workload or his personal reasons, such as family problems. To apply for a raise, the employee must ensure that the company has done a good job since he was hired. In addition, his presence is crucial to his growth. It shows how regular and responsible the employee is. He has to be a good team player and a commitment guy. The promotion letter includes an increase, but the only difference is that the employee is promoted based on their performance in the job role, while the employee sends a pay letter to their manager to increase their salary. 

How to Write Sample salary increment letter

The most important thing for you to make your extra salary letter effective is that your letter must be in Hindi or English in a simple and official language, basically all institutions prefer English, so no matter what language you choose, but it is the official AND must be written respectfully. To create a formal raise letter it is necessary to mention some essential points, which are the following: 

  • Mention your name 
  • Mention your appointment date and address 
  • Mention the name of the employer 
  • Mention your position,
  •  also mention the name of the company or organization. 
  • Use a formal salutation 
  • Write a subject line,
  •  showing the purpose of the letter. 
  • Begin your letter with your goal accomplishments and goal completion details. 
  • Mention the legitimacy of your letter, why they need to give you increases. 
  • Mention the percentage of increases you want, also indicate that they have a good chance for you to trade if you are open to it. 
  • Conclude your letter with a courteous request and mention your name, designation and date, a thank you in advance, and a salute with your sincere or confident thanks.

Example of salary increment letter

Respected Director Sir,

I have been working with your organization for the more than two years as Assistant Professor in the Department of Management with dedication at work and I have completed all the duties & assignments within deadline and also my attitude in dealing with colleagues and superiors was excellent.

As you are aware that I am receiving low payment and I got my last increment one year ago.

I am requesting you to hike my salary as my present salary is very low to maintain dignity of my position held and work I done.

Please look into this request and hike my salary as early as possible.

Thank you and hoping for a positive response from you.



Vishwas Jain

Assistance Professor

Department of Management

SCOPE College of Engineering, Bhopal

Salary increment letter request template

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