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Find here an example of a letter of interest to download in word format.

Why write a sample letter of interest? 

The letter of interest is a job search tool. Job search legend says that 70 to 80 percent of job openings are never advertised. While that number is probably much higher than it should be, the truth is, there are potential job opportunities that don't get snagged when browsing Glassdoor, Indeed, andother websites.

Let’s say you care about a young startup and you want them to hire you for a post that fits your skill set. You can check out the career page of their website and expect the best, or you can write a letter of interest to introduce yourself and start the networking process. Which do you think will yield the best results? 

A letter of interest will not hire you right away, but it has many benefits. This shows you have both interest and initiative - two things employers are always looking for. It demonstrates your ability to market yourself through personal branding. In many cases, your letter is treated as a formal request to consider employment, so it is part of the HR file. Imagine someone's letter and resume being at the top of the pile instead of buried beneath a mountain of applications, when a position is opened?

How to write A letter of interest with standard format :

This is the basic format you should follow. This can be seen in the three examples we use below: 

Your contact information
is no surprise here. Name, address, phone number, email, and website (if you don't have a website, you're missing out on a great opportunity, why click here). If you're worried about providing your address or other information, don't worry. This is not a big deal. Make sure they can contact you!

  • Date
So simple

  • company contact information 
At this point, if you catch my drift, it doesn't really matter to anyone. Do research and find a specific person to solve the letter. The best place to start is with a hiring manager, someone else in HR, or even better, a department manager or director who assumes you are working. 

  • Opening paragraph 
Introduce yourself and your objectives. 

  • Eligibility / Experience Paragraph 
Attack this paragraph with two objectives in mind: showing how you add value Show that you have valuable qualities. Keep it brief and concise because you don't want to look arrogant. Choose two to three properties that you have and add them to this paragraph and support them with as many facts as possible. Do not turn the drone on and off. And save your work experience list for your resume! 

  • Closing the paragraph 
Thank you for their time and give your availability for an "informational interview" for their initial convenience.

  • Signature

Example of a letter of interest :

Your Name

 Street Address

 City, State, Zip


 Date of writing





Street Address

City, State, Zip


 Dear Mr./Ms.:

Union Carbide's extensive list of products and wide range of sales offices are attractive to me as I seek a position in the area of technical sales. My background encompasses both technical and sales abilities.

You will notice in my resume that I worked as a summer intern for the city of Philadelphia and assisted a city engineer in the field of wastewater treatment. The UNOX System that you have developed is a method with which I am familiar, both from an experiential and a research capacity. In my summer job, the process we used involved utilizing oxygen gas in the wastewater treatment process. For various course projects, I had the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on a filtering process that supports wastewater treatment.

As a supplement to my technical skills, I have developed capabilities in the field of sales. My position with the ACME Sales Company netted a $20,000 profit this past summer and the honor of being named Number 1 Salesperson in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In addition, I was privileged to be the co-author, with my marketing professor, of an article entitled "The Art of The Sales Deal." This combination of practical and research experiences can be applied to the distribution of the growing number of consumer products of Union Carbide.

 I would welcome the opportunity to review my qualifications and background in greater detail and will call you next week about the possibility of such a meeting. I plan on being in South Charleston the week of (date) and hope we can arrange a meeting at your convenience during this period.

 Thank you for your attention.


(Handwritten sig.)

Your name, typed

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