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work experience letter template

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What is a work experience letter ?

A Work Experience Letter is a formal document written by a current or former employer that confirms that the employee has spent time with the company and has the knowledge, skills and experience. The purpose of the company's test letter is to confirm the job candidate's own skills and experience in their resume, cover letter or course life (CV). This is one of the most valuable documents that one can add to one's work portfolio. Before you accept an employee's request to write a company experience letter, make sure: 
  • You have direct knowledge of the employee's work experience and skills. 
  • You can give positive feedback about the employee. 
  • You can cite specific examples of employee work habits, skills or experience.

Example of a work experience letter.

To Whom It May Concern: 

I, xxxx, Manager of xxxx attest by this letter that Nauman Naeem S/o M. Naeem Akhtar performed an excellent job as an Assistant Accountant at the xxxx from March 2020 to December 2020. 

Nauman is conscientious and reliable worker, a much organised person and accepts supervision in a highly positive manner. He displays excellent judgement, timing and insight, even in the most difficult and sensitive situations. 

He works as a team member and is well linked by the fellow staff members. Nauman goes out of his way to serve customers and is exceptionally sensitive to others. He has many leadership skills and is a great motivator. During his stay he had an interest in his work and also helped out on other tasks, many times he stayed late to help others finish if called upon. I strongly recommended him as an employee. 

Sincerely XXXX

work experience letter template

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