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work experience letter format

Download this example of sample Work experience letter template in word format for free. This file is available to be edited and printed for personnal uses.

Example of  Work experience letter 

Dear [name of work experience candidate]

I am pleased to offer you a work experience placement in [name of department] from [start date] to [end date].  Please read this letter of engagement carefully and sign both copies, returning one to [the person responsible for supervision].

Your working arrangements and hours will be as agreed with [the person responsible for supervision].  Your placement will be unpaid and will terminate on the end date without further notice.

You may have access to matters of a confidential nature during the course of your placement.  These matters, in particular information relating to students, individual staff and/or student records, must under no circumstances be divulged or passed on to any other unauthorised person or persons. Your placement may be terminated if confidentiality is breached.

Any act of misconduct or breach of confidentiality may result in the termination of your placement.

On your first day, [the person responsible for supervision] will show you round your work area, explain important points of health and safety to you and make clear the tasks you will be carrying out.

I hope you enjoy your placement.



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