Cash salary certificate format in word

cash salary certificate sample

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The format of a cash payroll statement is best if it has a signature certified by the head of the company, as this is the only document that confirms your paycheck. Since no company can pay an employee a salary of more than 20,000 / - in cash according to Government of India regulations, only newcomers such as those appointed as assistants, partners, junior employees, interns are paid and many others. this way. such. Below is a sample cash salary certificate that can be used directly by simply updating your details, or it can be thought of as a link to create your own certificate.

how to write a salary certificate :

This is to certify that Mr. / Mrs. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------S/o / D/o / W/o Mr. ----------------------------------------------------- residing at -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------whose signature appears above is a permanent employee of -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (name of department / institution) and he/she has drawn Pay and Allowances are as follows for the month of ----------------------------- (month and year):




Basic Pay












Home loan


Medical Allowance



Car loan


Others / Misc




Others / Misc


Gross Salary (1)



Total Deduction (2)




Gross Salary (1)             = Rs. -----------------------------


Total Deductions (2)    = Rs. -------------------------------


NET SALARY (1-2)            = Rs. -----------------------------


(Net Salary Rupees -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only)


Date of birth                                                                    : ----------------------------------------------------------

Date of joining in the present employment       : ----------------------------------------------------------

Present designation                                                     : ----------------------------------------------------------

Date of retirement                                                        : ----------------------------------------------------------

This salary certificate issued for                               : ----------------------------------------------------------


For --------------------------------------------------------


Signature and Designation of Officer Authorised


Place:                                                                                                 Office Stamp: