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Not feeling well message to your boss - with example

Not feeling well email to boss

Examples of Not feeling well message to your boss. You can download theses examples in word to adapt it in your needs. Or you can edit this document online woth google docs.

Calling (actually, emailing) outside of work can be inconvenient. You are probably worried that your boss will fire you for daring to catch the flu, or you have the nerve to contract a stomach that prevents you from coming to the office. You may be concerned that you will lose your job for taking time off to take care of yourself, as you may be concerned that your absence will make you seem unbelievable. The fact is, people get sick. We are all just human beings and life happens. Sometimes you have to spend a whole day regenerating. And honestly, if you're really sick, no one in their right mind will want you to spread your contagious germs all over your office anyway. The chances of your boss refusing you to stay home while you are sick are little or no (unless they have very compelling reasons why you absolutely need you in the office or have a history of, um, playing addiction).

Likewise, the likelihood that your boss will actually punish you for catching a cold or eating bad sushi for dinner last night isn't very high - most people will understand because they were there themselves. In addition, you may have sick days that you are entitled to use. According to the US Department of Labor, the average number of paid sick days is eight for each worker for at least one year. This number increases to 11 for an employee with 25 years of experience in the same company. (Remember these are general estimates; very sick leave by the employer!) Whatever you do, don't make a thousand excuses or over-sharing. You don't want your boss to think you're lying, that you're sick, and your boss probably doesn't have the time or concern to hear your story (sorry, but it's true!). Therefore, try to make your email clear and direct, as informative as necessary, and reassuring. 

Here is an example email of Not feeling well message to your boss

Sir, I am XXXXXXXXXXX and this message is to bring in your kind notice that I am not able to come to work from tomorrow for a few days. I excuse for creating inconvenience and hustle in the office because of my absence. I was not feeling well since this Monday and yesterday I went through some tests and today my tests have come positive. I have been diagnosed with jaundice. The doctor has strictly prescribed the rest for two weeks so I will be unable to come to the office. I have affixed the test reports along with this message so may you have look at them. I am sorry for the disturbance and workload in my absence. If you want me to handover my project to some other employee, I can handover it to Mr. XXXXXX because he is a member of my project team. I hope that you will understand my situation well and will me sick leave for two weeks.


This message is to bring in your kind notice that I will be on leave for three days because I am suffering from fever and feeling weakness. Therefore, I seek your permission to grant me leave of three days. I will be obliged to you for this favor.


I am XXXXXXXX  XXXXXX and have been in your organization for a long time. I am a punctual and efficient worker and did not take any untaught leave. The purpose of writing this message is to take five days' leave. Yesterday, I fell from the stairs in the home and my back got injured. I cannot sit now properly for continuous hours. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for at least five days. My leave will start on 23-06-20XX and will end on 29-06- 20XX. I will be back to my work on the 30th of this month. I can work from home for a week and work quality will not be affected. I was working on the project with my five other team members and I don’t want to delay it because of me. Therefore, you can ask anything about the project via email and phone call, I will remain available there all the time. I would be highly obliged to you for granting me the favor of seven days' leave. Thank you. 


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