roofing contract agreement

Download this simple Template for roofing contract agreement for free. Adapt it for your personnal needs. This Contract for replacing a residential roof is in pdf format.

Extract :
A. Description of work: Removed and replaced the whole house roof with 3- tab Asphalt
shingles felt, ridge cap, starter strip , metal flashing, boots, 2 metal pipe jack, metal dripedge 2x2 white, 46 LF of ridge vents, 3 plywood and sealant
B. Shingles manufactory and color ( CertainTeed )
C. Over hang 2’’ on eave and 1’’ ¼ on gables
D. Installed 46 LF of ridge vents and cut ridge 1 ½ both side
F. Supply 20 yards dumpster
DMZ General Contractor LLC
propose to perform the work for the above property for the total
sum of $3,600.00 the first deposit is $00.00 midpoint $00.00 addition, and at the completion

roofing contract agreement


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