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Engament contract template for speaking 

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Example of speaking engagement contract 

Thank you for inviting Mr. Brendon Burchard to speak at your upcoming event. The following agreement defines the parties’ respective responsibilities and the terms and conditions of their relationship.
Mr. Burchard shall present to
SCHOOL (hereinafter referred to as “contractee”) on DATE, at a mutually agreed upon location. Mr. Burchard will present as the keynote speaker on the topic of leadership at a mutually
agreed upon time. Mr. Burchard will be present the entire day and is willing to serve in any way useful.
However, additional services or presentations requested of Mr. Burchard outside the terms of this agreement may be subject to additional fees.
1. In consideration of the services described above, contractee agrees to pay Mr. Burchard an
all-inclusive speaking fee of $X,XXX. Attached is the invoice for this agreement.
2. swiftkick Development shall make all travel arrangements for Mr. Burchard including air, hotel, rental cars and meals. The costs for such arrangements are included in the speaking fee.
3. When convenient, a representative of the contractee will provide Mr. Burchard with ground transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and event. If this is inconvenient, Mr. Burchard will acquire a rental car at no additional fee to the contractee (as noted all travel fees are included in the speaking fee).
4. Contractee agrees not to schedule the event in a cafeteria, marketplace, student union lobby, or other
open area during lunch, dinner, or high-foot traffic hours between classes or other events. The event
should, whenever possible, be scheduled in a separate room that is free from noise disturbances.
5. Contractee will provide Mr. Burchard with one table to be placed in the back of the room, next to the doors in which the audience members will be exiting, as he will be making continuing education materials and
his book
The Student Leadership Guide available to the students. A volunteer is requested to act as a
cashier to enable Mr. Burchard to focus on signing books for students (unless contractee has already
purchased the book for its students and no cash tendering is required). swiftKick will provide the monies needed for cashiering.
6. Audio or video taping of Mr. Burchard’s program(s) is not permitted in any means whatsoever by
contractee or any audience member, unless the contractee receives prior written requests or permission
to do so.
7. If Mr. Burchard’s performance or programs are satisfactory, contractee agrees to mail or email Mr.
Burchard a brief testimonial letter within seven (7) days of the speaking engagement.
8. If the event must be canceled due to an emergency, dangerous situation, or an Act of God, both parties agree to reschedule the event with the same terms listed above. Should the event be cancelled by the contractee for any reason, a 60-day notice must be provided to Mr. Burchard or the contractee still incurs the full contract fee. If the engagement is canceled by Mr. Burchard due to an emergency, illness, accident, death, or travel crisis outside of his control, the contractee will not incur any expense and may reschedule or secure another speaker for its event.

Please review, sign, and return one copy of this contract to: swiftKick Development, 2269 Chestnut
Street #172, San Francisco, CA 94123 within 10 business days in order to hold your date.
Alternatively, you may also fax the contract to 1-484-636-1144.
As a valid and authorized representative of my club, program, organization, or department, I
understand and agree to the above conditions.

Printed Name: ____________________________
Printed Name: Brendon Burchard
Title: CEO, swiftKick Development
Date: September 18, 2007

Example of speaking engagement contract sample template