Zero hour contract template with Definition

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Zero hour contract meaning

The zero hour contract ( zero-hour contract ) is a type of employment contract . It has developed in the European Union , as in the United Kingdom and in France (shift contract at the university or "task" contract for home correctors , in edition 1 for example). Its main feature is that the employer does not mention in the contract any indication of minimum working hours or duration . The employee is paid only for the hours worked, and must be able to make himself available at any time of day . In 2015 , in the United Kingdom, there were around 1.5 million contracts with a few hours per month and 1.3 million more without any hours worked . More than one in ten employers use it in the country.

Characteristics of Zero hour contract

Designed to promote the flexibility of the labor market, the zero hour contract provides that the employee makes himself available at any time of the day. For his part, the employer is not required to guarantee a minimum working time. In this type of employment contract, the economic balance of power seems to benefit the employer, since it combines all the constraints and requirements linked to the principle of subordination which characterizes the employment contract for the employee, and the advantages of the status of employee. de facto service provider for the employer. It does not oblige him to set a minimum working time and a minimum wage. The employee must agree to be available to work according to the needs of his employer. He is often not informed of the work he has to do until a few hours before he starts working. In theory, he could refuse the proposed working hours. Only hours worked are remunerated. As the number of paid hours varies widely, workers cannot plan a precise monthly budget or organize their schedule .


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