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WHEREAS, the PRINCIPAL is undertaking rehabilitation and construction projects in various areas in the Philippines affected by calamities and natural disasters (the “PROJECT”);


            WHEREAS, the PRINCIPAL is in need of the services of a competent, responsible and bona fide contractor to undertake the construction of __(state small houses/ health center/ community water supply schemes etc.)__ for the PROJECT (the “Construction”);


            WHEREAS, the CONTRACTOR represents itself as a competent, responsible and bona fide contractor which is legally permitted under the laws of the Philippines to do business, and duly licensed under a valid and existing Certificate of Accreditation No. __(state number)__ issued by the  Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (“PCAB”);


            WHEREAS, the CONTRACTOR has offered its service and expertise to perform or complete the Construction for the PRINCIPAL and the latter has accepted the offer of the former;


            NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, PRINCIPAL and CONTRACTOR, hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties,” agree to the following terms and conditions:




            1.A      SCOPE AND NATURE


The CONTRACTOR shall undertake the Construction for the PRINCIPAL in accordance with the Plans, Technical Specifications, General Conditions and other Contract Documents made a part hereof.


The PROJECT shall consist of all the necessary works for its completion, all in accordance with the design, drawings and BoQ given by the PRINCIPAL in the ITB Document and CONTRACTOR has agreed to implement the work through submission of bid.


The CONTRACTOR shall faithfully and completely furnish the Construction in accordance with the agreed specifications which are clearly defined by the PRINCIPAL. All the necessary labor, supervision and management, tools, supplies, materials, shall be in strict compliance with the terms and conditions of the CONTRACT as well as any and all documents made a part hereof.


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