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Sample medical certificate fit to work

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If you are on sick leave for more than 7 days, your employer will usually ask your GP or hospital doctor to provide a health certificate (or a statement of fitness for work). Fitting notes are sometimes called medical statements or doctor's notes.

How do I get a job-fit certificate?

Some of your local health centers can also provide medical certificates. You can make a request after being checked by a health center staff member. Note that the medical certificate should include the real reason for your absence, travel, or job application.

How long is the fit for work certificate valid for?

Health records can cover up to three months during the first six months of a patient's condition. If the condition persists for more than six months, the fit record can be for any clinically suitable period, up to "indefinite".

Who decides if you are fit for work?

Whether you are unable to work is up to your employer. A medical certificate from your doctor, now called a "Declaration of Fit for Work" (see below), is strong evidence that you are ill and will usually be accepted unless there is evidence that this is not the case.

Can a doctor refuse a health record?

Can a doctor refuse a sick leave slip? ... if your doctor thinks you are fit to work, they can deny you a sick note. It helps keep track of when your symptoms started, what symptoms you have and how severe they are, giving doctors a clear and accurate picture of your health.

Can I email my fitness records to my employer?

Your GP will not be able to send computer-filled sick leave forms to employers electronically (such as by email) and should always send them directly to the patient.

Extract of this Fitness to work certificate :

I certify that I have personally examined the above named person whose identification marks are………………….and who is desirous of being employed in above mentioned process/operation and that his/her, age, as can be ascertained from my examination, is ……………years.

In my opinion he/she is fit for employment in the Said manufacturing process/operation.

In my opinion he/she is unfit for employment in the said manufacturing process/operation for the reason …………………He/She is referred for further examination to the Certifying Surgeon.

The serial number of previous certificate is …………………………….