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Work certificate of experience sample template

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Experience letter is a formal letter

An experience letter is an official letter, written or printed information on company letterhead about confirmation of employment. The format of the experience letter must include the name, title, duration, salary and benefits signed by the relevant manager confirming the employment relationship with the organization. This letter is issued by the employer on company letterhead and can be used for a variety of purposes and can be sent to anyone to show work history A work experience certification letter is a letter sent to an employee. 

An official letter from Human Resources confirming the time period the employee is associated with the company. The certificate of experience also demonstrates the skills and work habits of the employee. This is one of the necessary exit documents that an employee needs when leaving the organization. The employee needs this letter to prove his previous employment. Therefore, HR should be extra careful.

What is a work certificate of experience? 

Proof of experience is an official document proving employment to a company/organization that the person is or has been employed by the company and will certify the employee name and its details such as father's name, residential address, employee ID, etc. It Further evidence of the employee's employment period, final designation, and compensation package. 

Empirical proof means that what is mentioned is true or correct The proof of experience or work experience letter is issued by the company where the individual works. A certificate of experience attests to all the skills or knowledge the person has acquired. This is one of the valuable documents of a person's career development and future opportunities.

Experience certificate format 

Proper formatting is always the key to writing a correct and impressive certificate of experience. The following points must be included to create the correct experience certificate format. Obviously, it should be polite language and must contain the following key points: 

  • Must be on company letterhead 
  • Certificate Issue Date 
  • address or state "to anyone with whom it may be involved" 
  • The full name of the employee, according to official records. 
  • Period of tenure (date of joining and last day of employment in the organization) 
  • designation or position 
  • Performance description 
  • last wish 
  • Signed by director/HOD/manager/head of HR department/authorized signatory 
  • Should have a company seal or seal

Extract of this work certificate

This is to certify that MR.xxxxxxx, Teacher II SrHS, is a permanent employee assigned at Maglambing Integrated School, Tagbina District II, Division of Surigao del Sur.

This certification is issued for whatever legal purpose this may serve him best.

Given this 10th day of April, 2020 at Maglambing, Tagbina, Surigao del Sur.