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Project completion certificate

Job Reference: What is a Job Reference? 

A work completion certificate, as the name suggests, is an official document issued by a project manager or contractor at the end of a project or work. In other words, this document is used to certify that work on a particular project has been completed in accordance with the contract or agreement.

Students can learn about the types of certificate exploration used for academic purposes, professional purposes, and more.

Why do you need a working reference?

This certification is primarily required if a contractor or project manager wishes to be paid for completing prescribed tasks. Additionally, a work completion certificate may be required to obtain additional approvals, initiate other processes or certifications (depending on the region). Or, whatever the purpose, the certificate is a very important document and is used in many fields.

Therefore, you need to understand how to effectively create work completion certificates.

In this article, we'll learn more about the work completion certificate, its guidelines, templates, examples, and more.

Types of Work Completion Certificates

As mentioned above, there are many types of work completion certificates. Some of the most common are:

  • Project Completion Certificate
  • Construction project completion certificate
  • Construction project completion certificate
  • Certificate of Completion in Electrical Engineering
  • Each of the above certificates applies to a different field, but the basic format and guidelines for creating them remain the same.

Work Completion Certificate Guide

When creating an Employment Completion Certificate, the following basic guidelines must be followed:

  • This certificate is official, so tone and language must be professional
  • The information provided in the certificate must be clear
  • The name of the person involved in the work must be mentioned.
  • Dates, schedules and exact nature of work should be mentioned
  • The certificate must also contain the stamp and signature of the authorized person or person authorized to do so.
  • Finally, proofread the certificate for errors or omissions

Contents of Certificate of Completion

The following are typical contents and details in a work completion certificate. Note that these may change depending on the type of work completion certificate and the scenario:

  • Date of completion
  • Contractor information (name, company name, address, phone number, etc.)
  • project name
  • Project description (duration, work order number, total budget, etc.)
  • Other details the client may request
  • Authorized signatory
  • Diploma Template/Format

The following is a template  of work completion certificate:

This is to certificate that ' M/s Loya Pre – Engineered Building Pvt. Ltd.' has  successfully completed the work of design, manufacturing, supply & erection work of  proposed Pre – Engineered building for M/S. VARROC POLYMERS PVT. LTD., J#2001  at PLOT NO. C-3, CHAKHAN INDUSTRIAL AREA, PHASE-2, VILLAGAE-BHAMBULI,  TAQ-KHED,CHAKHAN, DIST-PUNE, MAHARASHTRA. 

Above work is as per PO No. 4532200693 Dated 31.03.2020 and PO No. 4532200692  Dated 31.03.2020 for Rs 424.11 Lakhs. 

We appreciate the efforts put in by their team at all stage, resources deployed, and co operation extended for the satisfactory and timely completion of this project, We wish  them success for their assignments. 

The supply portion was prompt and the erection work is completed to our full level of  satisfaction.