28 After Effects Tutorials for Business Promotions

If you want to add punch to your business promotions, Adobe After Effects can help you get that extra polish into your projects with relatively little effort. While After Effects business promotion templates can provide you with ready-made project files, including clearly labeled elements and file structures that you can customize, sometimes the best option is to create an AE project from from zero. To help you get started, we've collected all 29 After Effects tutorials for sales materials and marketing creatives. Use these tips and tricks to add your own brand of creativity and whimsy to every project.


1. Learn About Shape Layers

Check out this short, semi-advanced After Effects tutorial on using shape layers in the program. Watch the artist create a graphic loading screen video and use simple shapes to turn simplicity into stunning results.

2. Make text animators work for you

According to The School of Motion, some designers frown on text animators, but they don't have to rain on your runway. This beginner-level video on the creative use of text animators could kick-start the design scheme for your next quirky business promotion.

3. Create cartoon animation for beginners

Give your business promotions a personal touch with this medium difficulty handwriting effect tutorial. You will use the Path tool to reveal handwritten text.

4. Find out how to better use the Camera tool

If you're struggling to get your camera settings right, take 10 minutes and watch this simple video tutorial to "learn how to better use the camera in Adobe After Effects."

5. Dive into Particle Logo Effects

The forgettable is not enough when it comes to business promotions. This challenging particle logo effects tutorial will teach you how to make your logo appear or disappear in particles, poof, like magic.

6. Create backgrounds

Better backgrounds can give your business promotions more texture and substance. Check out this advanced After Effects tutorial on creating backgrounds with effects to give your backgrounds more punch.

7. Complete the Bouncing Ball Tutorial

We all have to start somewhere, and for many businesses, that starts with a bouncing ball. For example, this beginner's bouncy ball tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for animating a simple ball, a process you can apply to any other object for your promotions.

8. Shape of holograms

First stage of commercial promotion—next stage Star Wars. This hologram tutorial walks you through the process and outlines the top mistakes designers often make.

9. Run the Stop Motion Paper

If you grew up watching "Gumby," you can bring those same animations to life for your business. Learn how to make the effect happen with this stop motion crumpled paper tutorial.

10. Seizure at seizure

If you need to key in your green screen or blue screen footage, this advanced After Effects keying tutorial will make the magic happen. Add any background you like behind your subject for maximum impact.

11. Determine the sparkling transitions

Creative transitions between screens can help add visual interest to your promotional videos. This After Effects Glitter Transitions tutorial comes with a project file so you can follow the process.

Your logo deserves its time to shine. Learn how to create an inventive logo bumper with this semi-advanced tutorial.

13. Choose a pop-up book

Who doesn't love a bedtime story or a business story? Learn how to make a paper pop-up book and how to animate the book for your video.


14. Turn day into night

If you want to make it look like you shot your subject at night, use a simple After Effects strategy to change the time. You won't have to worry about selecting the wrong time to shoot the original footage.

15. Morph

Learn how to transform one shape into another using After Effects. This tutorial uses typography, but you can apply the technique to other shapes in overlays or graphic illustrations.

16. Add fog to footage

The weather sets the tone for your images. With this tutorial, discover how to add a haze effect to your images to create a dreamlike or mysterious atmosphere.

17. Split Intro Text

Split layers let you play with transitions and create neat animations. Easily learn how to break up your intro text to make your promotions intro more engaging.

18. Light up a 4D neon sign

If you want to add a splash of color and movement to your video, follow this tutorial to create a 4D neon sign with a background.

19. Replace the sky in the footage

The sky doesn't always cooperate when shooting video. Learn how to replace the sky to create the visual image you want in this After Effects tutorial.


20. Delete Objects

If an unwanted object appears in your corporate promotional video footage, remove it in After Effects. The technique takes practice, but you'll get better at perfecting your backgrounds and subjects.

21. Work with watercolor and paint elements

A splash of color can help your business promotion stand out. This moderately advanced tutorial shows you how to use watercolor and paint elements to great effect.

22. Animate Raindrops

The raindrops keep falling on your head? Consider adding them to your video. Use this advanced tutorial to create animated raindrops on any surface.

23. Get Earth Zoom

Give your video more gravitas by zooming from a map to any location in the world. This excellent effect is useful for location-specific business promotions.

24. Take advantage of the lower third

The subjects of your video are eager to see their names in the lights. Use an animated lower third graphic to easily name people in your promotion or provide additional information to viewers.

25. Combine with composition

Brush up on your composition skills with this tutorial, which walks you through different projects and shows you how to work with multiple layers.

26. Take a time-lapse sequence

Learn how to turn any series of JPEG images into a time-lapse video in After Effects. This relatively simple process can produce amazing results for promotional videos.

27. Shake the camera

Camera shake can give your audience motion sickness, but sometimes camera shake works well when used wisely. If you can't get the effect in camera, use an advanced tutorial to produce camera shake in post.


28. Investigate Animated Infographics

Infographics have become increasingly popular for displaying data and communicating ideas. If you animate your infographic with this tutorial, you will keep your eyes glued to the screens longer.


Armed with these tutorials, you can create professional-looking promotions and business videos, which can ultimately improve your relationships with your customers and enhance your marketing creativity.

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