Adobe XD Quick Start Guide: 8 Essential Tutorials for Experience Design CC

It's the most in-demand skill in Silicon Valley, so why not add a user experience (UX) program to the Adobe suite? Graphic designers quickly turn into UX designers: they learn to create web and mobile interfaces through self-taught and “on-the-job” training. It looks tricky, but you can figure it out quite easily if you have basic knowledge of Photoshop or other Adobe applications. We've rounded up the internet's best quickstart tutorials for Adobe Experience Design CC, also known as Adobe XD, to help you get started with this new program.

These videos cover all the essentials of Adobe XD, from designing for multiple devices to using stock vectors as interactive elements. Look at them top to bottom and you'll be ready to start learning some valuable UX design skills.

1. How to use Adobe Experience Design CC

Terry White's 30-minute introduction to Adobe XD covers all of the program's basic tools and functions, providing a basic understanding for new users.

2. What's new in Adobe XD

In this video, XD's Lead Designer discusses the new features and demonstrates how they work.

3. Adobe XD: some interesting features

Pieter Dorst teaches users how to add another screen to a stream and perform some user testing.

4. Adobe XD Basics: Experience Design Tutorial

ATB quickly guides you through the structure and components of Experience Design.

5. Learn how to design a carousel slider in Adobe XD

Dansky gives an easy overview of creating carousel sliders with photos.


6. How to import SVG (Illustrator and Sketch) into Adobe XD

Straight from Adobe, this tutorial teaches you how to import your artwork files.


7. Adobe Experience Design: play with vectors

Tom Green shows you how to edit vectors and illustrations directly in Adobe XD.

8. How to Create Prototypes (Sons) in Adobe XD

Demian Borba, Product Manager at Adobe Experience Design, provides an overview of prototyping using animation wires and settings.

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