Didn't find the Prime Video Premium Channels up to par? There is a huge collection of content on Prime Video like Amazon Original series, classic movies from various production houses, and shows in all categories for all ages. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video also allows us to subscribe to premium channel add-ons inside the OTT platform at an additional cost. These channels distribute exclusive movies and TV shows on Prime Video. However, not all channels have an attractive collection, which implies that it is better to end your subscription. Therefore, I have created this guide to show how to cancel premium channels on Prime Video. So, without further ado, let's get started.

How to Cancel Channels on Amazon Prime Video (2022)

Similar to the content catalog, the premium channels available in your region are also different. You can always subscribe to a channel from another region using a VPN. Please read our in-depth guide to changing countries on Amazon to learn more. We'll see how these channels work and why Prime Video has this option. Finally, we will see how to cancel such a channel from your Amazon Prime Video account if it does not add any value to the package.

What are Prime Video Channels?

Prime Video channels provide access to premium content distributed by various production houses. For example, you can watch Discovery+, MUBI, HBO, Paramount+, Lionsgate, etc. Moreover, it also allows you to watch live TV from your Prime Video account. Subscribing to these channels works differently when purchased from Prime Video. You can cancel membership from Amazon account only. Likewise, you will not be able to access these channels from the original app. For example, if you purchase a MUBI channel subscription from Prime Video, you cannot use it from the MUBI website.

These add-ons help platforms like MUBI, Starz, etc. to reach many devices without creating their application. This means you can watch these channels on any device that has a Prime Video app. However, it also requires you to keep your Prime membership active. Here are some things to remember about canceling these channels.
  • Channel subscription is automatically canceled when you cancel your Prime account subscription.
  • Canceling a premium channel subscription will not cancel your Prime subscription.
  • You can still watch the shows on the premium channel until the last day of your billing cycle, even after canceling the subscription.
  • Amazon does not issue refunds when you cancel an active channel under any circumstances.
  • You can delete each channel separately from your subscription.
  • Channel subscription continues even if your Prime Membership account has expired. You can access the channels using the Prime Video app.

How to Cancel Channel Subscription on Prime Video Using Web Browser

The easiest way to cancel your Prime Video premium channel subscription is through a browser. You can access all the settings associated with your Prime video account from here. So whether a channel has lost its appeal or you want to end a trial period before paying the fee, here's how to cancel a channel subscription from your Prime Video account from a browser.

  • Open the Prime Video website and login to your account.
  • Now click on your profile picture in the top right corner and go to Account and Settings .
account and settings on main video
  • Here, open the Channels section .
channel section in main video website
  • Click the Cancel Channel button .
channel cancel button on Prime Video website
  • Finally, confirm your choice in the next pop-up window.
confirm channel cancellation on main video

This will block automatic channel renewal and you will not be charged extra. The pop-up also displays the last date of your subscription period. You can take advantage of the subscription until the last date to watch premium content.

How to Cancel Prime Video Channels from Smartphone

Unlike Netflix, Amazon lets you change various settings using smartphone apps. It's handy if you're traveling and don't have a laptop available. You can also use a browser on your smartphone and follow the steps mentioned above or follow the steps below to delete a channel subscription using the Prime Video smartphone app.

  • Open the Prime Video app on your phone.
  • Click My Stuff in the lower right corner.
My Stuff option on the Amazon Prime Video app
  • Now select the gear icon to open Prime Video settings.
open settings in the main video app
  • Click on Manage your Prime Video channels and enter your password to verify your identity.
manage main video channels on smartphone app
  • The next window will show you all active channels with the last day of subscription. Click on the Cancel Channel button.
cancel channel option in prime video smartphone app
  • Finally, confirm your choice in the pop-up window by tapping Cancel Channel again.
confirm channel subscription cancellation

That's all. You have successfully completed the channel subscription in Prime Video from your smartphone. You can also completely cancel your Prime Video subscription to cancel the channel subscription and Prime account at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find a particular channel on Prime Video?

Prime Video hosts different channels in each country. Therefore, you can only subscribe to channels available in your region. Otherwise, the channel may no longer be available to stream from Prime Video.

Does the Prime Video channel cost differently than the standalone subscription?

No, the cost of a streaming service, say MUBI is the same whether you subscribe using the Prime Video app or the standalone app. In some cases, you can get an additional discount by subscribing to a standalone streaming service. However, the offer may vary for each country and will not be available every time. Another benefit of using Prime Video is the additional content, ease of use, and support for multiple devices.

Can I enjoy Prime Channels without a Prime Video subscription?

It's a bit tricky to answer. Your channel subscription will continue until the last day of the billing cycle, even if your Prime subscription has expired. However, you must first have a Prime Video account to subscribe to a channel.

Quickly cancel Prime Video Channel subscription

Besides the plethora of content, faster delivery, unlimited music, etc., Prime Subscription is constantly adding new features and services to the package. One such service is Channel Subscription on Prime Video, which allows you to subscribe to additional streaming services through your Prime Video account. We have seen how to cancel one of these chains if you do not want to continue. I hope you find the article useful. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.