How to Create a Do Not Disturb Schedule on iPhone

Here is a guide on how to create a Do Not Disturb schedule on iPhone and iPad.

There are times when we don't want to be interrupted by iPhone alerts or phone calls such as meetings, classes and more. iOS's Do Not Disturb feature is a great solution to this problem, but can be something we forget to turn off after we need it.

iOS's Do Not Disturb feature is a great solution to this problem, but it's easy to forget to turn it off when we don't need it anymore. Unfortunately, there's still no way to automatically access Do Not Disturb when you have meetings.

How to Create a Do Not Disturb Schedule on iPhone and iPad

Here are the steps on how to set a schedule for Do Not Disturb.

How to set up the Do Not Disturb schedule

One solution to avoid the problem of leaving Do Not Disturb on and the alerts or missing calls you need is to activate a schedule for the events you know you'll need a silent device. For example, if you have class from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., you can enable a schedule to have your iPhone automatically remain silent during that time.

Do not disturb settings in the Settings app

In order to activate this program, navigate to the Settings App on your iPhone, then the Do Not Disturb tab . Tap the Program Slide to at then tap the hours below

For our example, we will set the From and To fields to be 10:00 and respectively. This will activate that time period every day.

Do not disturb quiet hours

This calendar can be a great resource, but it does have its downsides . At present, this type of schedule seems to be primarily designed for a bedtime schedule. There are no capabilities to add additional times or the frequency of these times. Hopefully it comes in a future iOS update, but it still leaves room for a frequent event to be scheduled.

The Do Not Disturb feature is a great feature of iOS and has, even more, customizations like allowing calls among selected contacts, repeat calls ringing, and if need be locked be silent .

Access Do Not Disturb from Control Center

When you're using Do Not Disturb mode, you'll see the Moon icon in the top - right corner of your screen. This can still be activated manually with the Center Control by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping said Moon icon. Doing this anytime during a scheduled silent period will disable the rest of the time, so be careful when manually accessing this control while using a program.