How to customize your Mac with extensions

Here's a guide to using Extensions in macOS to further Personalize your user experience.

In previous versions of the operating system, Apple dabbled in widgets and other smaller user applications that will give you information or handle simple tasks. These features have been renamed Extensions and are available to you from your favorite apps.

There are limits, but you can customize your Mac without taking extreme measures.

Use extensions to personalize your Mac

Here are the steps for using extensions and installing new ones.

Installation and customization of extensions

Extensions are basically designed to add more functionality to the Finder and the various programs you interact with. Go to System Preferences to see the Extensions tab and the various options there.

You can view a master list of Apple and The Third – Party extensions or view them by more task-oriented categories: Actions , Finder , Photos , Share Menu , and Today . Each of these categories, if clicked on, will show you which extensions are available to you.

All third-party extensions

Finder items such as Dropbox will usually have a location in Finder as well as menu extensions like "Share Dropbox Link". This is a perfect example of extension in practice. You use a feature of the Dropbox app directly in the search tool without having to go to the website and get the link.

Markup is an extension that comes from Apple and is featured in the Actions menu. This is what makes markup changes in the Preview and Photos apps possible.

The Share Menu items will include your various sharing methods such as Mail , Messages , Airdrop but will let you customize all of that and even add from the long list of third-party apps like LinkedIn , Vimeo or Flickr . Extensions will let you customize how you want to share your media.

Share Menu Extensions

Today is a list of all the options that will appear in your Today seen in Notification Center . This can be accessed by clicking on the top right of your Mac where Avis icon is. You will see the option for Today and this is where these different extensions will appear.

Extensions for Today View

Extensions will often be available on your computer for websites you frequent and will ask to send Push Notices to you. You will again have full customization of this information in the Extensions tab of System Preferences. Again, these small processes can certainly save you a few moments of time so it is recommended to familiarize yourself with them!