How to delete your Instagram account

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet. The photo-sharing site and app has grown into a huge community with over 300 million daily users in 2017. However, some may want to stop and delete their Instagram account. If so, we have all the details.

This guide will go through everything users need to know about Instagram account deletion. Alternatively, we'll explain the benefits of temporary deactivation instead. Rather than throwing everything away when you permanently delete it.

Whether Instagram is taking you too long or you don't want to see the whole policy, the best thing to do is delete your account. Many also choose this over privacy concerns. It is extremely simple and only takes a few seconds. Let's start.


Over the years, Instagram has really improved. Now in 2017 we have story mode, tons of sharing features, lots of filters and the direct messages option is great. Last year they even added live video streaming, similar to Facebook Live.

That might not matter though. Some just want to delete everything and move on. Whatever your reasoning, here are the two important steps users should know when deleting an Instagram account.

How to delete your Instagram account

First, you cannot delete your account in the mobile app. Whether it's an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, it won't work. Users must access a computer or mobile browser to complete the task. This can be done from a phone, but not with the app.

Before deleting your account, we recommend reading about temporary deactivation first. Once you delete it, any and all your photos or videos are gone forever. Turning it off lets them stay, until you want to come back. Otherwise, here are the instructions.

Say why you're leaving and hit the big red Delete button

Say why you're leaving and hit the big red Delete button

  1. Log in to Instagram.com from a computer or mobile browser
  2. Select Edit profile and scroll down to Deactivate or Delete account
  3. Alternatively, simply go to the Delete your account page
  4. Select the reason you are deleting your account from the drop-down menu (the delete option will appear after you select the reason)
  5. Re-enter your account password
  6. Click the red button

That's it. You have now successfully deleted your Instagram account permanently. As a reminder, all will be lost forever. We recommend that you back up or save any important photos or videos first, as you will not be able to recover them after clicking the delete button according to our instructions above.

If you want to delete a different account (for those who have more than one), click on the username at the top right of the deletion page and log out. Then sign in with the correct account and follow the steps above.

Temporarily deactivate Instagram account

Another option for users is to temporarily disable an account instead. It seems gone forever, but it's not. If you temporarily deactivate an account, your profile, photos, comments and likes will be hidden until they are reactivated – by logging in again.

The steps are almost exactly the same, only instead of going to the deletion page, you just tap edit profile and scroll down to temporarily deactivate. Here are the instructions.


  1. Log in to Instagram.com from a computer or mobile browser
  2. Select Edit Profile in the top right and scroll down to Temporarily Disable Account
  3. Select the reason you are deactivating your account from the drop-down menu (the deactivation option will appear after making a selection)
  4. Re-enter your account password
  5. Click the big button

As a reminder, you can only deactivate your account once a week. So make sure you are ready before hitting the button mentioned above. To turn it back on, just go to Instagram.com and log in to your account. It will instantly become active and everything will return. Including all photos, videos, comments and likes.

We finished. Users can now be less distracted without the temptation to open Instagram. Someone following you or bothering you can no longer, or for whatever reason. Again, save anything before deleting an account. Or play it safe and deactivate your account instead. Leave us a comment below for any questions.