Starting with iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey, Apple Notes received "Hot Corners" support. So hovering the pointer in the lower left corner of the screen brings up a quick note. However, it can be quite distracting for many. Luckily, you can disable the Hot Corner option for Quick Note on Mac and iPad.

We'll also show you how to customize the Quick Notes corner with other operating system features. Without further ado, let's get started.

Disable Quick Note Corner on iPad

When you swipe the Apple Pencil or finger over the bottom right corner of the iPad, you'll see a pop-up asking you to open and take a quick note. Notes are saved in a dedicated Quick Note section in Apple Notes.

The quick note shortcut comes with all necessary editing options. But none of that matters when you're already invested in Apple Notes rivals like OneNote, Evernote, or Bear Notes.

Follow the steps below and turn off the Quick Notes corner on the iPad so that the gesture will never bother you again in the daily use of the device.

Step 1: Open Settings on iPad.

Step 2: Access the Apple Pencil menu. (Even if you don't have an Apple Pencil to use with the iPad, you'll find the same option in the Settings menu).

Step 3: Find the pencil gestures in the list.

Open Right Corner and Disable Quick Note Corner on i Pad and Mac

Step 4: Go to Right Corner Swipe and disable it from the next menu.

Disable Quick Notes Corner on iPad

The action will completely disable the Quick Notes corner on the iPad. Mac's Quick Notes corner is even more irritating because you frequently hover the cursor over the lower right corner. Let's disable it on Mac.

Disable Quick Note Corner on Mac

Since macOS has a completely different Settings menu and doesn't support Apple Pencil, the steps are different from disabling the Quick Note Corner.

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo in the upper right corner of the menu bar.

Step 2: Open the System Preferences menu.

Open System Preferences to Disable Quick Notes Corner on Mac and iPad

Step 3: Go to Desktop & Screen Saver.

show menu on mac disable quick note corner on mac and i pad

Step 4: Select Hot Corners in the lower right corner.

Open hot corner disable quick note corner on i Pad and Mac

Step 5: You will see the lower right corner assigned to Quick Note feature on Mac. Click on it.

Open quick notes menu

Step 6: You will notice a bunch of customization options ahead. Select the last option identified by '-' and press OK.

turn off quick note on mac

From now on, you won't be bothered by quick notes corner on Mac. Try hovering over the lower right corner and it won't open a quick note.

Customize Quick Note Corner on iPad

If you're not a fan of the quick note corner in the lower right corner, you can customize that too. You can either place it in another corner or use the quick note corner gesture for another function.

Step 1: Go to Settings on iPad and open the Apple Pencil menu.

Open Right Corner and Disable Quick Note Corner on i Pad and Mac

Step 2: From the Pen Gestures menu, go to Swipe in the right corner and you can select Screenshot.

Customize Quick Notes corner on iPad

You can go to Left Corner Swipe and turn it off or assign it to a quick note feature. We use the right corner swipe on the iPad to take a screenshot.

Well, you can still use the combination of power button and volume down buttons, but on a big device like an iPad, that's not a convenient method to take screenshots.

Unfortunately, iPadOS is limited to just two functions for using corner gestures. There's no way to open an app, launch the Notification menu, or assign the gesture to another note-taking app on the device. We hope to see Apple improvise here in future updates.

Customize Quick Note Corner on Mac

macOS is quite customizable here. You have a bunch of options to choose from instead of Quick Note. What else? You can use other corners of the Mac and assign different functions to them. Here's how.

Step 1: Use Command + Space and open Spotlight Search menu.

Step 2: Find System Preferences and press the Return key.

show menu on mac disable quick note corner on mac and i pad

Step 3: Go to Desktop & Screen Saver menu and click Hit Corners at the bottom.

Open hot corner disable quick note corner on i Pad and Mac

Step 4: You will see four active corners. Click on one of them and see several options for using the wedge.

Customize quick notes corner on mac

You can start/disable screensaver, open mission control, windows app, show desktop, open notification center, etc.

For example, you can use "Sleep display" as one of the options.

Disable Quick Notes on iPad and Mac

While Quick Note is a welcome add-on for Apple Notes users, others might find it irrelevant to their workflow. You can either disable it or replace it with another feature on iPad and Mac.