How to fast charge your iPhone

Here's a guide on how to quickly charge your iPhone if you need to. When we're ready to go we often find ourselves in the predicament of running out of battery life with hours left in the day.

If you're able to find a place to charge your phone for a little while, there are a few things you can toggle to speed up the charging process.

How to fast charge your iPhone

Here are the steps you can take to speed up the charging rate of your iPhone.

Watch the video above for more information on faster ways to charge your iPhone.

Ways to fast charge your iPhone

If you have your lightning cable and adapter , you just need to find a place to charge your iPhone. These tips will work on a computer USB connection, but the fastest charging is with an AC connection . If you have a 12W iPad charger you are in better shape as this will provide a stronger charge to your device.

Use a 12W power adapter

If you are able to find an outlet and charge, there are a few things to note right off the bat. Try not to use your iPhone during this fast charging process. This is actually a huge key to charging speed as it will use battery life while you are using it while charging. If you are able to be without your iPhone for about 20-30 minutes, you will be able to get more out of your brief charging time.

The first thing to do is turn off your network connections and insert iPhone Airplane Mode . Now, that might not be the best thing to do if you're waiting for a call or an email, but if you can disconnect during that charging time, it drastically increases the amount of battery claimed.

Disable network connections with airplane mode

Lower the brightness all the way if possible and again, keep the screen dark as much as possible. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of battery to power up your LED screen and the less it is on during the charging process, the better.

If you use a Case briefly take it off your device while you charge. Excess Heating will prevent the iPhone from charging as efficiently. Make sure you're not charging your iPhone in a precarious place when removing your case.

All of these tips have drastically increased my charging time on my iPhone. I was able to recover up to 70% or more of my battery in a short time and was able to continue using my device much longer . It's also a good idea to be aware of what's actually using the battery on your iPhone and you can always check this by navigating to the Battery section in the Settings App.

Enable low battery mode to save power

One final tip is to invest in an external battery to keep in your bag or purse so you can use these tips even more on the go. Keep in mind that the AC Power connection is always your best bet that power banks are a great resource for staying powered on the go.