Many apps built into Windows 10 have an incredible reputation. They look great, work well, and help you accomplish the tasks you would have needed to depend on a website or desktop program with older versions of Windows. That Microsoft supports what users normally do is to be commended. There is a problem however. Outlook Mail in Windows 10 isn't as reliable as it could be. In fact, "mail problems in Windows 10" is quite a popular search topic for Windows users.


Over the years, Microsoft hasn't always been as involved as it could have been with the basic stuff. For a long time, the company did not provide a quality messaging application with Windows at all. Instead, it relied on power users to purchase Outlook along with the company's Office suite. He's betting on those who download the Windows Live Mail add-on at home with the now-defunct list of Windows Live apps. Outlook Mail for Windows 10 was a chance to do the right thing for users.

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To be clear, Outlook Mail in Windows 10 has a lot going for it. It supports all major email providers, including Microsoft's Gmail, Yahoo, and The app provides notifications when new emails arrive. Its Live Tile lets you easily see if you have new emails for each of your accounts. It can be associated with the personal assistant Cortana. She will track your packages, create new reminders based on the emails you sent, and dictate new emails for you.

But you actually need to be able to run Outlook Mail in Windows 10 long enough to do all of that. Here are the most common Outlook email issues in Windows 10 and how to fix them.

Outlook email issues in Windows 10: Are you sure you want to change, add or remove your account?

This is one of the most common Outlook email issues plaguing users, which is ironic because it's not really a bug.

What the app asks you is do you really want to make changes to your accounts that might affect how your PC works? If you're seeing this message, one of the accounts you're about to edit is a work or enterprise account that may have requirements for signing into it. Companies may require your device to have a passcode, for example.

You will need to agree to add the account.

Outlook email issues in Windows 10: Your account needs an update

Outlook has a weird problem with the update. Sometimes, when your computer has just come out of sleep or hibernation mode, Outlook Mail contacts your mailbox to check and see what's new. Suddenly you see a notification that you need to update your account.

For now, don't try anything drastic. Update account information first. Then try to sync your account again. If the message doesn't go away, go to Settings by clicking or tapping the cog in the lower left corner of your screen. Go to Now, tap or click the account you're having trouble with. If you are sure you have the correct username and password, open the account and try to sync again.

Outlook email issues: Can't see your folders

It's not a bug, it's just the way Outlook Mail was designed. It tries to keep clutter to a minimum by not showing your full list of folders in the sidebar. The sidebar is reserved for your favorite folders. Only the app doesn't know which folders are most important to you. It's annoying at first, but it can be dangerous if you've already added sorting rules that send certain emails to certain folders. You might miss something important, like an invoice.

Outlook Mail in Windows 10 Problems

Select the account with the folders you want to see easily in the sidebar. Click or tap the text under that account. Now right click or press and hold on the folder you want to always be able to see. To select

Each folder you add as a favorite will stay in place so you can always see it. You can right-click or long-press each folder to pin it to the start screen/start menu as well.

Outlook email issues: not automatically syncing with any account

At the bottom of the middle pane of Outlook Mail in Windows 10 is a status bar that lets you know when this account was last updated. Some users have noticed that the app will stop syncing all of their accounts.

Only two methods have successfully solved the problem so far. The first is to open the app and then tap or click From the menu list on the left, select Find app in the apps list. Press it, then press Press the button. Note that you will need to add your accounts back to the app.

The second confirmed method is to reset your PC from the recovery menu in settings. We advise against doing so.

Outlook email issues: Something went wrong with


There's a really weird glitch in Outlook Mail that basically kills an account's sync. It doesn't matter how many times you delete the account and add it again. Even resetting your PC will not fix the problem.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do on your side to fix this problem. Users who encountered the issue report that contacting support for assistance eventually resolved the issue, but took days. To get in touch with them, you need to log in to the website and click or tap on the question mark in the upper right corner. Look for a link to at the bottom of the sidebar.

Must be mobile will continue to add more to this list of Outlook email problems as we learn more about fixes and workarounds for things that are ruining the app for some users.