The Nintendo Switch experience has four main parts and two of them are the unorthodox Joy-Con controllers. The Joy-Cons contain a lot of what makes the Nintendo Switch unique. These are the Joy-Cons that attach to the rails on the left and right edges of the console to create its portable mode. These are the Joy-Cons that have HD Rumble technology, the Amiibo sensor, and the technology that makes motion play possible. To get the most out of it in Splaton 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you'll need to know how to fix stuck Joy-Cons on your Nintendo Switch.

Every Nintendo Switch comes with a set of Joy-Cons in the box. These are the Joy-Cons that form the only wireless controller when paired with the Joy-Con Grip and the Joy-Con Charging Grip. Stick the wrong Joy-Con into the wrong system rail and you have a problem. It's also not exclusive to the system itself, twisting your Joy-Con Strap the wrong way before sliding it onto the Joy-Con tracks can also end badly.

Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con controllers and docking station.
Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con controllers and docking station.

Here's how to fix Stuck Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch.

Here's how to fix stuck Joy-Cons on your Nintendo Switch

Solving Stuck Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con Straps

Chances are you'll end up with stuck Joy-Cons most often thanks to the Joy-Con Straps. It makes sense, Nintendo encourages gamers to use the Joy-Con straps whenever they enjoy the motion games the console has to offer. They're also useful for multiplayer games where you'll have to share the Joy-Cons between two people anyway. Joy-Con straps add much-needed tactile feedback to the buttons on the edge of the controllers.

Slide up on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Strap

Stuck Joy-Cons result from the Joy-Con strap being turned the wrong way when sliding the Joy-Cons rail inside. That's why you should always be careful when putting them on. Make sure to match the plus sign on the Joy-Con wrist strap with the plus sign on the Joy-Con controller. The same goes for the minus strap on the left Joy-Con controller.

The release button on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con wrist strap.

To fix stuck Joy-Cons, you'll need to force them to turn off. Start by making sure the lock at the bottom of the Joy-Con strap is not activated. Now use your thumbs to force the Joy-Con strap down the rail and out of your controller. If you've managed to slide a Joy-Con strap onto your controller upside down, all you need to do is force the Joy-Con strap down the rail with all your might.

You'll feel like you're about to break the controller, but the Joy-Con strap should eventually free the controller. That's why it's very important to make sure you put on the Joy-Con straps correctly the first time.

Troubleshoot stuck Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch: On the Switch

The Joy-Cons should never get stuck when pairing with the console itself. It's hard to go wrong. The + Joy-Con is always on the right and the – Joy-Con is always on the left. The only way to mix them up is to place them the wrong way round.

However, you may feel like you have Joy-Cons stuck when you pair them to the console. That's because it's easy to overlook the circular release buttons on the back of each Joy-Con. You need to hold down the release button while removing a Joy-Con from its rail on the Nintendo Switch. Don't let go of the button until the controller is completely independent of the console.

Solve Stuck Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con Grip

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip does not allow you to put the Joy-Cons in the wrong way. There is so much friction when you insert them incorrectly that you should immediately notice something is wrong.

To remove them from the Joy-Con Grip when they're turned the right way, just press and hold the release buttons on the back of each Joy-Con controller. The lock should unlock, then you can immediately start pulling that Joy-Con and release it from the Joy-Con Grip.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Joy-Con Grip.

Note that the Joy-Con charging grip works the same as the regular grip.

Good luck trying to fix stuck Joy-Cons. You shouldn't be able to find yourself in a situation that prevents you from releasing them. Nintendo designed them to allow you to troubleshoot them yourself. If you end up with permanently stuck Joy-Cons, there's not really much you can do.

The Nintendo Support site notes that it will fix stuck Joy-Cons. If your Joy-Cons are stuck to the console itself, you will need to ship your console back. If they get stuck on a Grip, you will need to return that Grip. To get started, call Nintendo Support at 1-855-615-722 from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST any day of the week.