Here is a guide on how to quickly cheeky messages on iOS. Messages are becoming one of our most used methods of communication and when media is sent to us frequently, we may cheekily wish on another contact.

Copy and paste is the usual method of sharing but in Messages Apple has included a way to forward messages directly from the app.

How to Quickly Forward Messages in iOS

Here are the steps to forward a message in iOS.

Watch the video above for an introduction to forwarding messages in the Messages app on your iPhone.

Quickly forward messages and links

When you are within a given message thread and you receive a link or an address or any cheeky message you would like you can do it quickly with just a few clicks. Tap and hold on the message to reveal the Reaction Icons as well as Copy dialog box below including the Next text .

Tap and hold the message

Tapotement Suite will allow you to choose messages by tapping on the circles next to them. When you're happy with your selection, check the bottom right of your screen. You will see an arrow icon that represents Cheeky . Tap it to open a New message window where you can designate the contact who will receive this forward.

Tap Messages to forward/trashYou will also notice in the front window, the Trash icon at the bottom left. This is also the screen where you can selectively erase messages using the same method of selecting bubbles corresponding to the message.

Forward to a new contact

Forwarding messages is very quick and painless process on iOS and is very beneficial for sharing information between friends and family. It often happens that we type in addresses or links and incorrect information is provided. Sender will ensure the same content is sent to your recipient and that there is no interruption in communication.