How to Remove Emergency Call Button on Android Lock Screen

In this guide, we'll show you how to remove the "Emergency Call" button from your Android's lock screen. This prevents any accidental touches or pocket calls to 911. If you have a password, PIN, fingerprint, or any screen security enabled, you will see the large emergency call button on your screen.

Android devices have instant access to make a 911 call if needed, without fumbling with codes or passwords. All manufacturers display a large button to jump directly to the phone call if a situation calls for it.

And while that makes a lot of sense and seems like a cool feature, it's more of a problem than anything. We've heard stories of pocket dialing 911, or users complaining about the placement and saying they accidentally hit it the whole time and need to quickly cancel the call. If so, here's how to get rid of the emergency button.

The placement of the “Emergency Call” button is the biggest problem for most people. It's either smack dab in the middle of the screen in the front and center or on the bottom near the home button or fingerprint reader. Of course, getting rid of it comes with some risks. Nobody really foresees an emergency, but if an emergency does occur, you probably wish you had this button.

As long as you're okay with the potential risks, here are some ways to get rid of the "Emergency Call" button on your Android lock screen.

How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android Lock Screen

If you root your Android phone, there are different options. However, for everyone else, the easiest method is to download a new lock screen replacement app.

Yes, an app from the Google Play Store that completely replaces your lock screen and all its options with something else. As a bonus, these apps usually have more functionality and customization than your phone, and they also do away with the "Emergency Call" button.

Some of our favorite lock screen replacement apps are SnapLock Smart Lock or Hi Locker along with a few others which we will link to below.

Snaplock and Hi both work quite similarly, but if they don't suit your style, we recommend Next Lock Screen , Echo Notification Screen , AcDisplay , or ZUI Locker . All of these recommendations work great as a lock screen replacement. These apps don't have an emergency call button or offer you the option to disable it.

Just install the new lock screen app and configure everything. Make sure to disable your old lock screen security measure or you will be greeted by two when trying to use your phone. Now go to unlock the device and that pesky “Emergency Call” button will be gone.

Remove emergency call button for root users

If you're the type who likes to tweak and change your phone, you've probably rooted it. If so, you can easily get rid of that emergency button with an Xposed module.

This is just one of many ways to accomplish this task with an Xposed module. The tweakbox is one of our favorites though. With xSense and a few others.

Again, it should be noted that these instructions will completely remove the emergency call button. It will no longer get in the way or be called upon by accident. However, in an emergency, you will need to enter a PIN or password before you can make a phone call. Keep that in mind.