How to Stream Google Stadia Games Directly to YouTube

Google Stadia, the company's cloud game streaming service, made its official debut in November last year. It allowed users to play popular PC and console games from their browser, Pixel phones, and Chromecast Ultra TV dongles. Google unveiled a number of amazing features for Stadia at launch, and one of its key features is rolling out. Previously, if you wanted to stream Stadia games to Twitch or YouTube, you had to rely on third-party software. But, just in time for the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, Google has added an option to stream Stadia games directly to YouTube. And here's how you can do it.

Stream Google Stadia games directly to YouTube

For streaming to work, you will need to link your YouTube account to your Google Stadia account. We have explained all the steps below. So follow them and you'll be up and running in no time.

How to link a YouTube channel to Google Stadia

1. Go to Google Stadia ( website link ) and click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

2. In the menu, click "Stadia settings" to link your YouTube channel to the cloud streaming service.

3. Now had to the "YouTube" section to see a list of channels associated with your Google account. Click on the “Link to Stadia” button next to the name of the channel you plan to stream the games on. You will need to grant certain permissions to Stadia for the same.

4. That's it. Your YouTube channel is now linked to Google Stadia. You are now ready to play and stream games from the cloud. Sounds amazing, right?

Also, if you haven't created a YouTube channel yet, you'll see a "Create Channel" button under Settings -> YouTube. Click on it and you will be guided through a few steps to set up your channel. Refresh the Stadia settings page once your channel is live to see it appear with the "Link Stadia" button. Next, follow the aforementioned steps to get ready to start streaming games.

Stream Google Stadia games to YouTube

Now that you've linked your YouTube channel to Stadia, here's how to stream the game you're playing directly to YouTube:

1. Choose the game you want to stream and start playing it. If you are a Pro user, you will have access to free games. Otherwise, there is only one free game you can play right now. It's Konami's Super Bomberman R and I tested just that.

2. If you're using a mouse and keyboard, press 'Shift+Tab' to bring up the Stadia menu. Controller players must press the "menu" button. Here' you will find the 'Live Stream' button, as seen below.

3. Click on the “Live Stream” button to see the “Stream directly to YouTube” option. It will automatically stream your gameplay to YouTube without the need for additional software.

4. By clicking on this button, you must choose if the stream is intended for children, enter the title and adjust the privacy and audio settings. You can also choose to see how many people are watching your stream while you play (screenshot below). You can also enable optional features, such as Crowd Choice and Crowd Play (available for some games).

5. Tap the “Start Live Streaming” button . First you will see the text “Preparing to Live Stream” and then a notification that you are live on YouTube will appear. Yeah, it's as simple as that.

6. Now that your stream is live, you will constantly see a red “Live” icon in the top left. The YouTube Link and "Stop Stream" button are available in the Stadia menu, as shown above. Take a look at my short Stadia test stream on YouTube here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Stadia currently available in India?

No, Google Stadia is not available in India. Here is a list of supported countries – USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal , Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary.

How can I watch Stadia on YouTube?

After your live stream, you can copy the link from the Stadia menu and share it with your friends or followers so they can watch your gameplay on YouTube.

Can I stream Stadia games to YouTube using a VPN?

If you're trying to play or stream games using Stadia from an unsupported country (for example, India or Australia), you'll need a VPN. But here's where I warn you, because Stadia will ask you, or rather, force you to quit the game (which automatically ends the live stream) due to an unstable connection.

Is it possible to stream Stadia games on Twitch?

Yes, you can stream your Google Stadia game on Twitch. You will need third-party encoder software such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to live stream Stadia games on Twitch. You can read the steps to configure OBS here.

Getting ready to stream Cyberpunk 2077 from Stadia?

Now that you've learned how to stream your Google Stadia games to YouTube, why not play Cyberpunk 2077 on the cloud for your viewers? It's going to be super fun and easy. You can even let fans interact with your game through the Crowd Choice and Crowd Play features. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section and we'll do our best to help.