How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL

Spotify is undeniably a key player in the music streaming industry, but it's far from the only one. With increasing competition in the streaming space, users have started looking for options beyond Spotify to listen to their favorite tunes. Although music streaming services don't offer an official way to export and import playlists seamlessly, there are several services that help you do this exercise without having to manually add each song. In this article, we have detailed how to transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.

Transfer Spotify Playlists to Other Streaming Services (2022)

What is the best service to transfer music between streaming services?

There are a few options you can consider when transferring playlists between music streaming services. First up is Tune My Music , and it supports almost every streaming service available. Using the free plan, you can move up to 500 tracks and export the songs to a .TXT or .CSV file. Upgrading to the premium plan which costs $4.5/month or $24/year gives you unlimited conversions and the ability to automatically sync up to 20 playlists.

Then there's Soundiiz, another free service for transferring playlists. Unlike Tune My Music, you can keep a playlist automatically synced in the free version here. However, the number of playlists you can convert at a time is limited to 200 tracks. To remove the limitations, you can buy the premium version which costs 4.5 euros (~$5.15) per month.

Other options to consider include SongShift ( Download ), an exclusive iOS app, and Free Your Music ( visit ), a paid playlist transfer service. Overall, Tune My Music is the perfect choice for most people when it comes to converting playlists.

Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music (Web)

1. Open TuneMyMusic ( visit ) website and click "Let's Get Started" to begin.

2. Now choose "Spotify" as the source platform.

select music source

3. You will be asked to login with your Spotify credentials. Enter your Spotify username and password and tap "Login" to proceed further.

login for spotify

4. Tune My Music will require access to your Spotify account to transfer your music from Spotify to Apple Music. Click "Accept" to authorize the website.

allow access to spotify

5. Once logged in, you can either populate all your Spotify playlists from your account or paste the playlist URL in the text box to select it.

load from your Spotify account to transfer Spotify playlists

6. You can then choose all the playlists you want to move to Apple Music and click "Select Destination" . I'm going to move a playlist from Spotify to Apple Music for this demonstration.

select to transfer Spotify playlists

7. From the next page, choose "Apple Music" as the destination music platform.

choose destination service

8. Now you need to sign in to your Apple Music account using your Apple IDs.

sign in to Apple Music account

9. When the Tune My Music account access request appears, click “Allow” to approve it.

authorize the access request

10. Before the service starts transferring playlists, you will see a summary of the playlists you have selected for transfer. Now click on “Start moving my music” to start the playlist transfer process.

start moving music

11. Once the transfer is complete, you will see the confirmation on the same page. You can then access the transferred playlist on your Apple Music app or web client.

Spotify Playlist Transfer Completed

Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music (iOS)

1. Download SongShift from App Store ( Download ) and tap Spotify to link your Spotify account with Songshift. The linking process involves logging in with your Spotify credentials.

transfer playlists from spotify 1

2. Similarly, sign in using your Apple ID to connect your Apple Music account to SongShift.

transfer playlists from spotify 2

3. To start the song transfer process, tap the “+” icon on the top right corner of the screen, tap “Set up source” and choose Spotify from the list of music services.

transfer playlists from spotify 3

4. Now you can choose to transfer the albums, playlists or songs you want to move to Apple Music. We are going to move playlists around in the tutorial. Turn on the "Add multiple" toggle at the top and choose the playlists you want to transfer to Apple Music. Once you've chosen the playlists, tap "Done."

transfer playlists from spotify 5

5. Tap "Setup Destination" and choose Apple Music as the destination. To start the transfer process, tap "I'm done". SongShift will now match songs and move your playlists to Apple Music.

transfer playlists from spotify 4

Transfer Spotify Playlists to YouTube Music (Web)

1. Open the Soundiiz site ( visit ) and create a new account or use your Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify or Twitter account to create the account.


2. On the left sidebar, choose Spotify and click the green "Connect" button .

connect spotify soundiiz

3. Spotify will now ask for permission. Click "Accept" to allow Soundiiz to access your account.

accept spotify soundiiz terms

4. Similarly, find YouTube Music in the side panel and click the "Connect" button.

connect your music to soundiiz

5. Now sign in your Google account to connect Soundiiz to YouTube Music.

choose the authentication method for your music

6. When the authorization prompt appears, click "Allow" to authorize access to manage your YouTube Music account.

allow access to google account

7. After connecting Spotify, Soundiiz will list all your playlists. Choose the playlists you want to move to YouTube Music and click the "Convert" button .

Transfer Spotify Playlist to YouTube Music

8. From the playlist setup screen, you can choose to edit the playlist title and description and change the privacy of the playlist. Once done, click on the “Save configuration” button .

save configuration

9. Soundiiz will now list the tracks from the playlist you selected. Here you can choose to deselect certain tracks in case you don't need them in the migrated playlist. Click "Confirm" to confirm your preferences.

confirm track list to transfer Spotify playlists

10. You should now choose "YouTube Music" as your destination music platform and wait for the migration process to complete.

choose your music as destination

11. Once Soundiiz has completed the migration, you will see the confirmation on the same page. You will also see errors in case the service fails to find the same song in the YouTube Music library.

soundiiz conversion results

Transfer Spotify Playlists to YouTube Music (Android)

1. Download Soundiiz from Play Store ( Free ) and create a new account. You can sign up with your Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify or Twitter accounts. We recommend using Spotify as it saves the step of connecting your account to Soundiiz later. Choose the “  Sign in with Spotify “, enter your credentials and accept the conditions to continue.

subscribe to soundiiz

2. After already connecting Spotify, locate YouTube Music in the left sidebar and tap “Connect” button . If you used a sign-in method other than Spotify, tap the Spotify icon to sign in your account.

connect youtube music to soundiiz

3. Select "Transfer" on the app home page and choose "Playlists" to next. You also have the option to transfer albums, artists or tracks if you have the premium version of Soundiiz.

transfer soundiiz playlists

4. Choose Spotify as the source platform and choose the playlists you want to move to YouTube Music. Press "Confirm and continue" to go to the next step.

select source and playlists

5. You can now choose to change the title of the playlist or optionally edit the description. There are also options to remove duplicate tracks and set your playlist privacy to public. Once done, review the tracks you are about to transfer and press "Confirm".

review description and confirm leads

6. Choose YouTube Music as the destination platform and wait for the conversion process to complete. Once complete, you will see a "Conversion Successful" banner in the app.

choose the destination and wait for the conversion

Move Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music

transfer Spotify playlists to Amazon Music

Amazon Music supports SongShift ( Download ) and Tune My Music to import Spotify playlists. You can follow the instructions above to move your Spotify playlist to Amazon Music. The only difference is that you need to choose Amazon Music instead of Apple Music in the destination music platform spot.

Transfer Spotify Playlists to TIDAL
transfer spotify playlists to tidal

If you are someone who prefers Hi-Fi music streaming service TIDAL, it recommends you to use Tune My Music or Soundiiz to import your playlists from Spotify. We've added the steps for Tune My Music and Soundiiz above. You can follow the same steps by choosing TIDAL as your destination music platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music on iPhone?

You can use Tune My Music or Soundiiz website to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music on iPhone. You can also use the iOS Song Shift app to move your playlists around.

Q: How to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music for free?

The Tune My Music website allows you to transfer Spotify playlists of up to 500 tracks to Apple Music for free. You can consider buying the subscription in case you have bigger playlists.

Q: What is the best service to transfer playlists between music streaming sites?

Tune My Music is the best option you could consider if you are planning to transfer playlists between music streaming sites like Spotify.

Move Spotify Playlists to Other Streaming Services

So that brings us to the end of our guide to transfer playlists from Spotify to popular streaming services. If you have friends who often send you Spotify playlists, check how to open Spotify links in Apple Music from our linked guide. If you can't decide which streaming service you should switch to, be sure to take a look at our roundup of the best Spotify alternatives to make an informed decision.