How to Unlock the LG G6

This guide will tell you how to unlock LG G6 SIM card easily. What's needed to use it on another carrier with a lower monthly bill, international usage and more. Many also often unlock devices before selling them. There are many benefits of unlocking the LG G6, and here we'll show you how.

Not only is it easier to sell an unlocked phone, it's also great for transferring it to another carrier or network. Perfect for homeowners or those buying used.

Carriers limit devices to their network only for the purpose of keeping customers on board. Especially in the United States. Fortunately, unlocking the LG G6 SIM card is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes. Those in Europe or Asia can easily unlock any phone without the steps below. For everyone else, read on for more details and what you need to know.

how to unlock LG G6 SIM

Now that every carrier in the US carries the LG G6, that's probably where most buyers bought one. Even at retail stores like Best Buy, they're tied to a carrier. As a result, you now have a SIM-locked phone. This means that you cannot put a T-Mobile SIM card in your AT&T LG G6 and use it. The phone only works on AT&T until you personally unlock it by following one of the many steps below.

Once unlocked, the phones can be used on almost any carrier, smaller regional carriers or in other parts of the world. A small exception is if Verizon or Sprint use different network technology, but most phones in 2017 should support all carriers. Check with the manufacturer first if you are unsure.

Getting an LG G6 unlock code from your carrier is easy as long as the phone has been paid for or purchased directly. This is called a SIM unlock code. If not third party sites like Unlockunit.com will. All said and done, the process is relatively simple and can be done in minutes at home.

How to Unlock the LG G6

First, we will explain the instructions in full. For anyone watching or anyone who already has an unlock code. Just follow the simple steps below and you'll be done in less than a minute. For anyone who needs more details, keep reading.

how to unlock LG G6 SIM

Easy right? Anyone can do it. That said, a lot of the instructions are actually getting an unlock code to get started. We have that covered too.

SIM Unlock LG G6 for Free

Now we will discuss how to get a SIM unlock code for free. Well, one ride is free and the other can cost around $20-25 depending on where you buy it. The first step is to get a free code from operators and the second is to unlock websites online.

As a reminder, Verizon Wireless no longer locks smartphones to their network. A Verizon LG G6 will work on all carriers as long as you have a SIM card and an active line. It does not require any unlocking. However, users may need to manually add carrier APN settings to fully work.

Those with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or other carriers will need to request a code or purchase one.

AT&T SIM Unlock Code

All carriers usually require the LG G6 (or any phone) to be paid in full or purchased outright before giving out a code. Landlords cannot have early termination fees, installment agreement payments, or anything else outstanding. The device cannot be linked to any other account, nor reported lost or stolen.

If you meet all of these conditions, follow these instructions.

how to unlock LG G6 SIM

T-Mobile Phone Unlock App

T-Mobile is the only carrier that has an app where you can do it in minutes right from the couch. An easy application is all you fill in and then receive the code. Rather than following our steps, just use the T-Mobile Unlock app that comes installed on all their devices.

Again, the phone must be fully refunded, active for more than 40 days on T-Mobile, and not reported lost or stolen. Account balance must be $0 to unlock a device.

how to unlock LG G6 SIM

Overall, this T-Mobile route is probably the easiest method. Perfect for everyday customers who aren't tech-savvy. Also, T-Mobile owns MetroPCS and they use almost the same process. As a reminder, those on a monthly installment agreement must first pay for the LG G6 before T-Mobile provides an unlock code.

Sprint SIM Unlock Code

Any carrier that isn't Verizon or T-Mobile will be pretty much the same. Where you will need to request a code and then follow our instructions. However, Sprint has two different codes, which makes things a little frustrating. Sprint will give owners an international unlock or a domestic (US) unlock. It's one or the other, not both. Perfect for those traveling abroad, but worthless if you want to sell the phone or use it on another network.

Again, your Sprint LG G6 has just been eligible for unlocking. It must be active on the network for more than 50 days, the account is in good standing, the device is paid for in full, and the device has not been reported as stolen or used for fraudulent activity.

Once you get the code from Sprint, just follow the same instructions at the top of the page. Enter a non-Sprint SIM card, reboot, enter the code and press unlock. Your G6 is then ready for use.

Pay to unlock LG G6

Finally, if the above options are not available, you can easily and quickly purchase an unlock code. This is what most owners do. If the phone was a gift, bought second-hand online, or doesn't meet carrier requirements, it can still be unlocked. The whole process is exactly the same, we just acquire the unlock code from an online website.

My favorite websites are are Unlock Unity , Androidsimunlock or even Unlock River . Follow their steps to get a code as described below.

how to unlock LG G6 SIM

Be sure to pay close attention to any additional instructions provided by these websites. As some send two different types of codes, and recommend trying one before the other. For example, UnlockUnit.com sends both a normal unlock code and a "freeze" code. The second will freeze the restrictions, and they suggest trying the first code. If that fails, use the freeze option. For some reason, if the codes don't work, contact the site for another game. Otherwise, they will issue a full refund. Personally, all the codes I have purchased have worked very well. So get one and unlock the G6 in minutes. Now enjoy using your phone on any carrier of your choice.